It's more than a Cafe...

Tonico Cafe, the international coffee house chain is so much more than a place offering exotic coffee flavors from around the world. Tonico Cafe as one of the most happening places in cities, has become so closely entwined with the young lifestyle. It offers nothing less than a great ambience brimming with life, energy and happiness. Tonico Cafe is committed to going the extra mile for the customers each and every day since it is founded on the belief that coffee is not just a drink, it's a lifestyle.

Coffee at its best!

The best coffee can be made only from the best beans. Tonico Cafe uses only highest quality Arabica coffee beans and the coffee beans are roasted according to the industry's most stringent freshness standards to make sure that the customers have the most delicious flavoured cup of coffee every time. Using the latest in barista technology, every cup of coffee is grind fresh resulting in a distinctively rich taste with exceptional smoothness. Every cup is handcrafted, ingredient measured, process timed and perfected. At Tonico Cafe, there is something unique about a cup of coffee namely: care, pride and attention to detail.

The hands behind the coffee magic!

The baristas of Tonico Cafe are the best in class who not only are experts in making the perfect coffee with speed and precision time and time again, but each brings their own flair and creativity to every cup they make.

Quality, variety, great taste

The menu has been carefully crafted using fresh, top-quality ingredients. Apart from the rich coffee varieties, the extensive menu introduces burgers, sandwiches and different snack varieties of international choice. Tonico Cafe is prompt in using the most ultra-modern technology while preparing beverages for its customers. The finely and freshly prepared recipes have been tested and refined so as to produce the supreme quality.

A perfect hang out place!

Tonico Cafe is the perfect place to meet, socialize or unwind and it magically turns every moment special and memorable! Apart from all these, free Wi-Fi, friendly service, ample car parking facility etc. are some other unique highlights of Tonico Cafe.

CEO's Message

Mr. Tony Jose

Founder & CEO

Coffee presents itself daily as a promise of freshness and vitality and at Tonico Cafe we understand that we have to deliver that promise to our coffee confidants each and every day. Tonico Cafe gives the coffee lovers Here we guarantee great coffee varieties and refreshments like never before! We are dedicated to our customers and hence are committed to provide fabulous food and beverages of uncompromising taste, quality and convenience. Inspired by the splendid customer response we have been receiving and having been awarded the best café twice by our valuable customers, we intend to open new outlets across Kerala as well as in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Dubai.

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